All On Four

What does “All On Four” mean?

All On Four is a brand name (similar to Kleenex) for a denture that rests on four dental implants.   The idea is to put four implants into the upper or lower jaw and immediately place an upper or lower immediate denture.  The denture placed is not the final, permanent implant supported denture. It is a temporary immediate denture.  The final denture is delivered in 1 to 4 months.

Does your office offer “All On Four”?

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Successful “All On Four” type product.


Yes, at Comprehensive Dental Care we offer two products (a different brand name) similar to “All On Four”.  Both products we use are made by exceptional American companies — BioHorizons and Hybridge.  In many cases, you have the added benefit of having more than four dental implants placed in your mouth.  Typically, Hybridge or Biohorizons uses six dental implants allowing a more stable base for your permanent denture to snap or screw onto.

Can anyone have this type of dental procedure?

You may be a great candidate for an “All On Four”  product — it depends on how much existing bone is available for the dental implants that need to be placed.  A very easy scan can be taken at our office which will show us this necessary information.   If for some reason, you do not have enough bone, bone grafting is a simple procedure done routinely at our office.  (You can read more about bone grafting here.)

What would I do next if I were interested in this procedure?

If you would like more information about “All On Four”, please call or email our office.  We are pleased to offer a complimentary consultation so you can meet Dr. Hendrickson, our wonderful dental team members and have all of your questions answered.


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