Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is the solution for gum tissue that has receded to far. When your gum tissue recedes it can expose the roots of your teeth. Exposed roots can compromise the health of your teeth as well as causing your smile to be unattractive.   The major causes of gum recession are periodontal disease and aggressive tooth brushing. Occasionally, ill fitting dentures can cause gum recession.


Our office can help a person with gum recession.

Don’t despair. If your gum recession is caused by over zealous brushing, our dental team can give you a softer toothbrush and show you a better way to brush your teeth.

If your gum recession is caused byperiodontal disease, either Dr. Hendrickson or Dr. Le will decide which type of dental cleaning you need. Some advanced cleaning procedures such as scaling and root planning andperioscopy can heal gum tissue and help the tissue adhere back to your tooth.

If you have advanced gum recession, gum grafting may be the desired treatment.


Beautiful healthy gums can be yours!

Gum grafting involves securely placing tissue on the area of recession. The tissue used may be either your own tissue or donor tissue. Donor tissue is tissue that has been extensively screened and is safe and effective. It is less painful than using your own tissue which needs to be taken from your palate.

After your gum grafting, it will take a week or two for your new tissue to heal. You will be asked to avoid smoking and drinking during this time as well as a few other protocols. Nevertheless in a short time, you will be smiling again with gums that look and feel beautiful!

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