When You Need An Emergency Dentist

When You Need An Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist

At our office we understand that dental emergencies happen.  From broken teeth to a dental infection you thought might get better…we understand when you need an emergency dentist and we don’t judge.

We always encourage patients or non patients needing an emergency dentist to call as soon as possible…dental pain in most cases does not get better.   Calling our office during the week can save you the additional costs of after hours care.  On most days, we can get you in to see one of our dentists that very same day.

Sensitive teeth can be a symptom of bruxism.

Dental pain requires attention.

What would be a dental emergency?

Any problem that would that would require action to save a tooth, stop ongoing tissue in the mouth from bleeding, or alleviating severe pain in the mouth or involving teeth.  Additionally infections in the mouth (also know as abscesses in the mouth) need immediate attention.  Abscesses in the mouth can be life threatening.  Don’t delay in seeking treatment. It is easier and less costly to see a dentist during office hours for emergency dental care than going to the emergency room at a hospital.

Can you use your dental insurance for emergency dental care?

Of course, as long as we can verify your coverage with your dental insurance carrier we can use your dental insurance for emergency dental care.  Keep in mind insurance companies have many different levels of coverage and what you think they cover may not be so.  We are happy to check for you.

In any event, if you have a dental emergency, give us a call.  We are happy to help you in our friendly, not judgmental environment.   If you have concerns about your fear or anxiety about going to the dentist, let our dental team know when you call.  We frequently help people with their fear and anxiety.  We pride ourselves on our excellent dentistry and excellent customer service.  (702) 735-3284

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