General Dentistry

dentist-smiles-1024x683At Comprehensive Dental, we have the general dentistry services you need to keep your smile healthy, beautiful and pain free. During your regular dental exams, we’ll evaluate your overall oral health, diagnose any problems or potential problems, and help you treat and/or prevent future dental disorders or conditions.

Our general dentistry services include:

Restorative dental procedures

When something is wrong in your mouth, it’s best to address the issue quickly. Small dental problems like cavities can evolve into larger (and much more painful) conditions if left untreated. Our restorative procedures include tooth fillings (including white tooth fillings for a more natural appearance), root canals, bridges, crowns and tooth extractions.

Full mouth restoration

A full mouth restoration restores your teeth, bite and muscles back to their properly functioning – and most beautiful – state. Full mouth restoration is a good option for patients whose bite is off and the jaw unaligned. This condition can lead to broken or chipped teeth, uneven teeth and head and neck pain.


Perioscopy is a successful alternative to surgery for patients with advanced periodontal disease. Perioscopy uses a miniature dental endoscope to identify and treat affective areas of the gums.

kids-playing-soccer-300x200Sports dentistry

Sports can be a healthy way to keep fit and active, but can also pose a risk to your smile. At Comprehensive Dental, we’ve got you covered. Our sports dentistry services can create a custom, effective mouthguard for you or your child to keep teeth protected while enjoying favorite sports.

Oral cancer screenings

Oral cancer is extremely curable – when caught early. That’s why our oral cancer screenings are an important part of your preventative dental care. Your Comprehensive Dental hygienist will screen you for oral cancer during each routine cleaning.

Call us today to make an appointment! Whatever your general dentistry Henderson needs, Comprehensive Dental has you covered.