Life after the ADA!

Life after the ADA!

Every industry has it…their own convention where the best and the brightest get together and share.  Dentist are no different.  This month, I wrapped up a two year commitment to the American Dental Association’s Council on Annual Sessions.

The goal of the Annual Session is to bring learning, technology and new products together  in one location for dentists and their staffs to learn about dentistry.  The meeting is put together by dentists who volunteer their time and energy for at least two years, all in the interest in forwarding knowledge.

At the meeting, you can find hundreds of courses to further your knowledge in just about any topic in dentistry as well as hands on demonstrations of technology and new products.   The ADA meeting is attended by people from every state in the union as well as many foreign countries.

I opened my office for tours to international dentists.  They were all very interested in the way dentistry is done in the United States.

Here are a few photos of those helped make the meeting possible…

Committee on Annual Sessions…

My friends on the Local Arrangements Committee…

Hope you enjoyed a snapshot of the American Dental Association and your dentist in action!  Check back later for more information!

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