An Emergency Dentist Can Help With Dental Pain


Let Us Help You Find An Emergency Dentist

You have a dental emergency. The number one reason people have dental emergencies is dental pain. If you are reading this, it is a fair assumption that you or someone you care about has dental pain and needs an emergency dentist.

If You Are In Dental Pain

Don’t panic. An emergency dentist is just a phone call away.

As you may have figured out, dental pain typically never gets better on it’s own. If you are experiencing dental pain during the week (Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM), generally speaking, our office will be able to see you, even if you are not currently a patient.

TLC for teeth!

Dental pain requires attention.

What Will Happen At My Visit

Our dentists will examine your condition and offer you treatment to solve your dental issue. They will discuss costs before any dental procedures are done. You will be charged the same amount as a current patient (unless treatment occurs after hours).

You may have dental insurance, we will verify and use your insurance (if possible) and collect any amounts your insurance does not cover (at the time of service). If you do not have dental insurance, depending on your treatment, we may offer a cash discount for emergency care.

A phone call to our office can get you in to see a dentist. We encourage you to see a dentist right away. (702) 735-3284.

Dental Pain After Hours

Dental emergencies after hours are a bit more difficult to treat. If you are a current patient, please call us as soon as possible. If you are not a current patient, you can contact one of our dentists through the phone numbers listed on our contact page.

Additionally, if you are not a current patient, regulations require that a dentist see you in the dental office to treat a dental emergency. Sometimes our dentists are limited by their schedules and cannot come to the office to see emergency patients after hours. A phone call to one of our dentists call can determine whether we can help you. Our dentist will either see you, schedule you to come in on the next business day or refer you to another professional who can see you (sometimes a quick care or an emergency room).

What is Your Best Advice For Emergency Dental Care

Try to get in to see a dentist during regular business hours. Most dental offices will see an emergency patient in pain during the business day. At our office, we might sandwich you between regular patients but because we understand dental pain, we are really going to try our best to see you that very day.

Dental Care After An Emergency Visit

Our dental team will let you know if you need to be seen again at our office. No matter what your emergency is, your dental health is important to us and we will see your emergency care through until you are pain free and healthy again!

We also understand that people with dental emergences have other dental issues going. We understand how this comes to be and offer a non-judgmental environment where your health is our main concern.   During your emergency visit, our dentists will focus on your immediate pain producing issue. Later, if you choose, you can visit us and talk about your other dental issues.