Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

Our office welcomes individuals in our community that have no regular dentist and need emergency care. We urge you to get emergency care as soon as possible.  Please don’t wait thinking your pain will subside, most time it will not.  Seeing a dentist during business hours will save you expensive after hour emergency charges.

Our dentists see emergencies.

Call us if you have a dental emergency.

During regular hours, our office is available for emergency dental care from Monday through Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM, excluding our lunch hour. Emergency dental care is available for current patients and individuals who have not yet been to our dental office.

Our dentists, Dr. Hendrickson and Dr. Le,  are available to see emergency dental visits. Emergency dental care is usually scheduled at 8:00AM or 1:00PM. Occasionally, we will schedule late afternoon emergency dental visits.  We try our best to see emergency dental patients as soon as you arrive, however,  you may have to wait a few minutes.

We treat all emergency patients as if they were a long time, current patient.  We understand dental emergencies can be scary.  We understand that you are not feeling your best. We treat every patient with great care, compassion and like a family member.

Emergency dental care is also available after hours, but usually requires a minimum charge of $300 for a new patient.  Emergency charges for current patients varies.  You can reach our dentists, Dr. Hendrickson and Dr. Le, after hours through the office number (702) 919-6206.

If you are unable to reach us or are in extreme pain we advise you to go to your nearest local emergency room.  

Emergency dental care is a high priority at our office because we feel so committed to helping you achieve your dental health goals!