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Our Dental Services

Dr. Hendrickson and Dr. Le are highly credentialed
in their areas of expertise.   


Hybridge is the "Simple Way to A Lasting Smile."  Full Arch solutions that can be permanently placed in your mouth.  Forget you were ever missing teeth!  Look at our photo gallery here.

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Dental Implants

Did you know that dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth? Our dental implants have a success rate of over 98%!

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Dentures & Implants

Implant-supported dentures are attached to and supported by dental implants.

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Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a very easy and successful procedure done at our dental office.  Bone grafting provides support and longevity for dental implants.

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Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is the solution for
gum tissue that has receded and needs repair.

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For the comfort of our patients who need extensive dental care, we offer IV sedation.

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L-PRF Therapy

L -PRF therapy is used throughout the world to enhance healing. during surgical procedures. 

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Invisalign is the "smile you want the way you want it".  Invisalign can straighten your teeth. It is fast and affordable.  Our prices are less than other offices.   Free consult.  

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep disorders are at the forefront of health care and for good reason. Sleep disorders can endanger your well being.  A dental sleep appliance can correct mild to moderate sleep apnea.

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Crowns in one Visit

Save time on your dental visits by having your crown done in one visit.  State of the art technology makes your crown from a computer scan of your tooth and then is placed in your mouth. All in one appointment.

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Dentures and Bridges

Dentures and bridges are made with great care and attention at our office.  If you want to replace a denture or bridge, we are happy to help. 

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Are you haunted by TMJ issues?  Unknown neck and head pain?  Neuromuscular dentistry can help you navigate these issues.  Both our doctors are highly trained in this subject.

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Veneers are amazing pillow case like covers that are placed permanently on the front of your teeth to enhance the beauty of your smile.  Veneers can close a gap or brighten your smile.

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The punch line to many a joke, root canals (aka endodontics) seriously save many natural teeth.  No, they aren't painful either.  Root canal therapy is offered at our office.

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Night Guards

So you have completed all your dental care and you are ready to be that twice a year, get your teeth cleaned patient.  Excellent!  But don't forget your night guard so you can protect your restorations!

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Fillings and Bonding

Fillings and bondings at our office are ALWAYS done tooth colored.  We do not use mercury amalgam and haven't for over 15 years.  Choose the safe alternative!

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Sometimes teeth must go.  We recognize this and are very conservative.  Many times an implant can be placed at the same time to save your bone from recession and other future issues.

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Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings at our office are done by a very experienced team of dental hygienists.  We expertly deliver regular cleanings and periodontal cleanings.

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When periodontal disease is leaning towards surgical intervention, perioscopy is a viable option.  Perioscopy uses the latest technology to clean your tooth below your gums.

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Emergency Dental Care

It is difficult to predict a dental emergency, but dental pain rarely gets better on its own.  We are always ready to help those needing a dentist right away.

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Protecting your teeth during sports is so important.  Don't risk paying for expensive dentistry because you didn't get a mouthguard.  Our mouthguards are custom made for your teeth.

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Full Arch Reconstruction

Full Arch Reconstruction or Full Arch Restoration is the process of restoring a complete arch (upper, lower, or both). Dr. Hendrickson is a highly qualified expert in full arch reconstruction and restoration.

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